SMALL CARD (Till 17.00)

  Tomato soup with chorizo and parmesan, served with bread.(v)         5,75

  Onion soup, served with croutons and bread.                   5,75

  Mustard soup with fried pancetta, served with bread.(v)       5,75

  Eel soup, served with bread.       5,95


  Baguette with smoked Rib-eye and Truffle-mayonnaise.       8,25

  Baguette with Chorizo, Cheese, Tomato and Onion, from the oven.(v)       6,95

  Ciabatta with smoked Salmon, Cream-cheese, Asparagus and Olives.       8,25

  Whole meal with Carpaccio (fillet of sirloin) , Parmesan and Pine seeds.       7,95

  Whole meal with Iberico-Ham, Tomato and Mozzarella.(v)       7,95

  2 Herrings with rye-bread and onions.       6,75

  2 Croquets with bread and mustard.       6,75

  “Ouwe Seun”, toast with potato salad and smoked Mackerel.       8,95


  Ciabatta with Black-Angus Burger (180 gr.), fries and BBQ-sauce.     € 12,95

  Plate Plaice-fillet with fries, remoulade sauce and salad.     € 13,95

  Plate Saté ‘t Noorderke (pork-fillet) with peanut sauce, fries and salad.     € 13,95

  Plate Beef-steak, with fries, mushrooms and salad.     € 15,95


      Mixed Salad with Gamba’s, smoked Mackerel and smoked Salmon.     € 13,95

       Pasta salad with grilled Chicken and Iberico-Ham.(v)     € 13,95

      (brown, white or spelt bread)


Ham or Cheese €  7,50    

Mushrooms       7,50

Ham & Cheese €  7,75    

Chorizo & Cheese (v)       7,75

Bacon €  7,75    

Salmon       8,25

             Bacon, Cheese, Tomato (v)    8,25

Bacon, Vegetables (v)        8,25

*You can also enjoy our Dinner menu from 11.00 am*

Dishes marked with a (v) can also be ordered as a vegetarian dish.

   Don’t pay separate please.