Fish Palette of smoked Salmon, Shrimps and smoked Eel. € 12,95

Yellowfin Tuna  with Wakame, Truffle mayonnaise and Sesame Seeds. € 11,95

Tapas plateau ‘t Noorderke;  various appetizers. € 12,50

Carpaccio, (fillet of beef) with Parmesan and Pine seeds. €   9,95

“Iberico”  Ham with sweet Melon and Mozzarella. €   9,95

Goat Cheese salad with Fig, Walnuts and Honey thyme dressing. €   8,95

Bread with Herb-butter, Tomato tapenade and Pesto. €   6,25

Served with Bread.



Tomato soup with chorizo and parmesan. €  5,75

Onion soup with croutons. €  5,75

Mustard soup with fried pancetta. €  5,75

Smoked Eel soup. €  5,95

Served with Bread.

*Don’t pay separate please.